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An Independent Co-educational Preparatory School for Children aged 2-11

  • Russell House School, Station Road, Otford, Sevenoaks, TN14 5QU
  • Telephone: 01959 522352


Russell House

Important Notice


The Individual Learner

Every pupil at Russell House is recognised as an individual with a unique range of skills, talents, educational strengths and interests.

The class teacher comes to know each pupil well over the course of the year in the class and regular meetings take place at which class teachers and subject specialists share their view of each pupil. They will consider the possibilities for enhancing the educational experience of the gifted, able and talented or the need for curriculum support where a pupil is struggling or is diagnosed with a specific difficulty such as dyslexia or dyspraxia.

The performance of each individual pupil is tracked over the course of their time at the school using a wide range of nationally recognised standardised tests. Those with particularly high scores and/or observed enthusiasm and interest are considered for inclusion in the Gifted, Able and Talented register. Those who need it are helped in class in small groups and, after discussion, may attend one-to-one lessons with a specialist curriculum support teacher. 

Academic lessons are planned for the whole range of abilities and there are always at least two adults in core subject lessons. Extra encouragement and enriching activities are provided for the more able. This may take the form of extended project work, presenting to the class, asking questions to be further investigated, using ICT to search for facts and answers, or talking about ideas and experiences with like-minded individuals.

Regular assessment in class measures the performance of individual pupils and the results are taken into account when planning the next step in learning. Teachers carefully monitor the outcome of these tests and use the information gained to make adjustments and so raise standards or address needs.

Further detail of our academic programme can be found in the Department Handbooks behind the Parent Login on the Parents' Pages.

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