Russell HouseRussell House

An Independent Co-educational Preparatory School for Children aged 2-11

  • Russell House School, Station Road, Otford, Sevenoaks, TN14 5QU
  • Telephone: 01959 522352


Russell House

Important Notice


The Happy Learner

Happy children learn. Our pre-school classes from age 2, through Nursery to Reception are happy, friendly and fun. Our Early Years classes were described as 'Outstanding' across every category following their inspection.  

Children are naturally curious and love to laugh, play and investigate. We encourage their natural vitality and interest by providing a rich variety of experiences and activities. Children join our pre-school classes at the age of 2 and gradually develop their independence, confidence and thinking skills through play and practical hands-on activities as the move through the classes to Reception.

Our experienced staff also understand the importance of giving each child the care, attention and security they need as they explore and adjust to a new environment away from their parents and home. 

In the Early Years, we seek to achieve:

  • Happy children, happy parents and happy staff.
  • Children who have the confidence to approach any new task or situation with a can-do approach. We build this through knowing the children really well so we can give them achievable tasks that provide the right amount of challenge.
  • Children who are willing to have a go because they know it doesn't matter if they make a mistake - in fact it is the best way to learn.
  • Children who are independent
  • Children who know right from wrong and choose to do the right thing.
  • Children who are ready to move into the Main School and who know how to think for themselves. The 'thinking skills' we encourage in the Early Years prompt children to answer questions with questions and see solutions to problems in everyday situations.    


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