Russell HouseRussell House

An Independent Co-educational Preparatory School for Children aged 2-11

  • Russell House School, Station Road, Otford, Sevenoaks, TN14 5QU
  • Telephone: 01959 522352


Russell House

Important Notice


Main School

Pupils from Early Years transfer smoothly into Form 2 (Year 1) of our Main School. Each pupil joins one of four Houses, attends house meetings, house activities and earns High Points for their house. High Points are awarded for effort and achievement in academic work, instrumental practice and good behaviour.

Encouraging Independence and Maturity

Children grow in independence by taking responsibility for their academic work and for their own belongings. The discipline of completing homework assignments by a deadline, of keeping notes in their contact books and of communicating problems to teachers are important steps in the process of becoming effective learners.

Academic progress is regularly assessed through testing in class. Tests in spelling, mental arithmetic, reading comprehension and other subject-based areas help teachers to ensure children's individual needs are catered for. Able children are provided with more challenging work and with opportunities to share their interests and abilities with others

Day to day problems are dealt with by the class teacher and the children are encouraged to learn the importance of independence, maturity and resilience. Membership of a House and later on of the School Council provide the opportunities for pupils to air their thoughts and to become leaders.

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