Russell HouseRussell House

An Independent Co-educational Preparatory School for Children aged 2-11

  • Russell House School, Station Road, Otford, Sevenoaks, TN14 5QU
  • Telephone: 01959 522352


Russell House

Important Notice


The Admissions Process

Russell House has a long tradition of excellence in education and extra-curricular activities. When children leave, aged 11, they are typically successful in entrance exams for top Kent grammar and independent schools in Sevenoaks, Orpington, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Dartford and elsewhere.

Age of entry

Children join Russell House from the age of two. We also welcome children at other levels of the school when, and if, places become available. 


Don't forget to request a copy of our prospectus which has more information about the school and includes details of current fees. Simply click on the link below and complete the form, or call our Registrar, Mrs Anne Irvine on 01959 522352.

Request a Russell House Prospectus

Visit the school

We believe a personal visit is invaluable and actively encourage you to see the breadth of our activities and experience our special atmosphere first hand. Call Mrs Irvine (or email: to arrange a convenient time for a personal tour followed by a meeting with our Headmaster, Craig McCarthy. We hold an annual Open Morning in the Autumn term when children will be delighted to take you on a tour. The date will be advertised on our website at the start of the term.

Registering your child

Places are given to children on a first come, first served basis and we will only register your child if there is a place available in the appropriate year group. We will give you a registration form following your visit to the school and this must be returned with a non-refundable fee to secure the place.

Waiting lists

We operate waiting lists for classes which are currently fully subscribed. If a place is not available for your child, you can complete a form enabling us to place your child on our waiting list. We will then contact you should a suitable vacancy become available.

Policy for siblings

Russell House is a family school and priority for places is given to siblings. In a situation where the school has a place for one child in a family, any other children in that family will be placed high on the waiting list for classes that are currently full. (Please remember however to register siblings as soon as possible if you wish them to join.)

Starting school

Towards the end of the term before your child is due to start, we will contact you to arrange a convenient day for your child to spend time with the class they will be joining.

Entry criteria

There is no selection of children to the school. However, before children enter the Main School (F2-7), they are tested in maths and reading. We do not reject children on the basis of test results but the results may provide indication that extra help is required. Entry at the beginning of Year 6 is rare but where it does occur, parents should have a clear plan for their choice of secondary school that will suit the ability of the child. The school reserves the right to decline entry to a child entering Russell House for whom we feel such a placement would be detrimental to the child or the other children in the year.

Admissions policy

The information above provides a brief guide to our admissions practices and procedures. If you would like to read our admissions policy in full, please click on the link below.

Admissions Policy

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