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An Independent Co-educational Preparatory School for Children aged 2-11

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Russell House

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The Arts

Involvement with music, drama, arts and crafts is an important feature of life at Russell House. The arts help children develop on many fundamental levels such as creativity, confidence and decision-making. They provide opportunities for self-expression and develop independence and collaboration. They are fun and exhilarating.

At Russell House, every child is given the opportunity to to express themselves through art, music and drama.


Every child has access to a full and varied art curriculum. The children are encouraged to express themselves through sketchbook work, and two- and three-dimensional creations linked to classroom and seasonal themes. We celebrate their work in displays throughout the school and children share their completed projects and their knowledge about artists and techniques with regular presentations in assembly. There is an art club and a separate design and technology club held after school for those pupils wishing to explore further.


Music is an integral feature of life at Russell House. Arrive at school early, and you can enjoy the sound of our Choristers at the start of every day. We have thriving Junior and Senoir Orchestras and provide many opportunities for children to perform, which builds their confidence from an early age.

Our Christmas musicals are incredibly popular with pupils and parents. Russell Robins, Nursery, Transition and F1, F2 and F3 each rehearse their own separate musicals performed at the end of the Autumn Term. At the end of the Summer term, every class in the Early Years takes part in a performance of poems and songs called the Early Years Celebration which marks the Form 1 children's move from Early Years into the Main School.

The children take part in regular formal and informal concerts, playing their instruments, individually and with the orchestra, and singing with Choristers. The Carol Service, performed by our Choristers is a highlight of our Christmas celebrations. (Please see the Music page for more information).


Closely linked with music, drama is integrated into each year group’s curriculum, allowing children to experience a variety of different theatrical genres, from traditional fairy tales or time-honoured classic stories to more cutting-edge adaptations of popular modern books.

Apart from the Christmas productions, we put on two other large-scale productions each year - the Forms 4 and 5 play in the Spring Term and the Forms 6 and 7 musical in the Summer Term, which also serves as the exciting culmination of Form 7’s drama careers at Russell House.

Each child knows that they are an important part of the play, no matter how large their role. The frequency of productions means that each child has a chance to step up. The confidence and sense of responsibility attained from being on stage with their peers in front of an audience is invaluable. A Drama Club is also held after school for children in Forms 3, 4 and 5.

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