A map to the moon

What a marvellous week we have had listening to the story of a bear and mouse who made a Marvellous Moon Map and went to find the moon!

The children made their own maps by looking at different areas on maps and drew some amazing pictures for their Special Books. There were motorways, airports, castles, train tracks, houses and even a stormy river on their maps - lots of great thinking. There was some lovely imaginative play with the spacecraft, astronauts, and aliens in the moon dust with the children flying and driving the space vehicles over the salt, glitter and glass beads. 
The children had to focus their attention (as did myself and Mrs Sayers!) when we followed the instructions to make paper boats just like bear and mouse did in the story! First, we had to cover the paper on both sides with wax crayons to make it waterproof. We then had to tweak, fold, smooth and flatten the paper into different shapes to finally make little boats. We're not sure if they floated, however we were informed that one was a decoration in a bathroom at home! 
We made our own Marvellous Moon Map which involved rolling out a big roll of paper and the children drawing some amazing pictures for our map. There were rockets, planets and stars as well as a giant, a princess holding a golden egg, a monster, some love hearts and even a mummy! 
It was our turn to do Pre-Prep Assembly this week, so the children showed lots of their work they had done since September. They showed story maps and books and pictures from their Special Books as well as our Marvellous Moon Map from this week. The children loved guessing which books we have been looking at and they gave us all a huge clap at the end. The special leaf was for always doing his morning jobs super quickly by putting away his bag, coat and snack and finding his name and sitting on the carpet ready for the story. 
The children have been busy playing together inside and outside. A couple of favourite games this week were playing with baby Poppy (who is now baby Jesus for the Nativity) and the hoop game in the garden.
We are busy singing Christmas songs and the children went onto the stage this week which was very exciting. We have also started our Christmas activities by making cards for all our families. 
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