A very Greek week

The Form 7 journalists report on the week.

On Monday, Mr Plant presented an assembly on the Ancient Greeks and the Olympics as part of our Humanities Week. He told us that before the Ancient Greeks, there were no jobs. Parents would teach their children to hunt and that is what their children’s professions would be. The Ancient Greeks were the first to introduce new jobs, like philosophers and writers. He also told us how back then, instead of different countries competing at the Olympics, Greece would split into different city states. They were: Corinth, Argos, Delphi, Sparta, Rhodes, Athens and Thebes.

We did many activities linked to Ancient Greece throughout the week. On Monday we had three Greek lessons. First, we had Greek dance where we learnt a pattern and linked arms. After the Greek dancing, we did Ancient Greek drama, where we were assigned roles in the Ancient Greek myth, Pandora’s Box. It was really fun to act out and do the activities linked to it. Our last Greek lesson was where we got an Ancient Greek alphabet and had to translate different Greek god and goddesses’ names into English. After we finished that, we tried the challenge of writing our own sentences in Greek. Other lessons that were taught to classes around school included; calligraphy, dance, Greek art, drama, astronomy and philosophy.






In the afternoon, the main school took part in an exciting Greek Olympics. Mr Plant split us into different teams named after the different Greek city states. Argos won with 102 points. Our scores depended on encouragement and kindness to the younger kids and how well we did in the different activities. There was running, long jump (which you couldn’t do a run-up for), tug of war, archery, discus and javelin. Everyone enjoyed it greatly, despite the hot weather!


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