Autumn changes

As we begin to notice changes within our environment around us, we started our topic on autumn.

Our key focus for the week has been all about hibernation! At the beginning of the week, we spoke about what our understanding was of hibernation. Many of the children were able to give some details about what they thought it might be. After reading The Bear Snores on by Karma Wilson, we had a much better idea of what hibernation was all about.

Within our play, we wanted to incorporate aspects of hibernation! Miss Mitchem provided big boxes which the children loved as they used them to borrow down and hide in! We considered the different types of animals who may hibernate and what we could do to help them in their preparation. One animal we paid particular attention to was the hedgehog. Hedgehogs are lovely animals who benefit hugely from small changes we can make in our gardens.

To continue with our theme of hedgehogs, we made hedgehog pictures. Using a fork and paint to create the spikes, we each had a go at creating our very own hedgehogs. During this time, we shared our knowledge of hedgehogs, such as what they like to eat. We have also been learning a new song called I’m a little hedgehog. Within the song, it provides lots of interesting facts about hedgehogs that we have enjoyed learning about.

On Wednesday, we had our special Harvest Festival assembly. I think we can all agree that the children were absolutely fantastic across the school. We have been practising our songs very hard in the lead up to this performance and I am so impressed with how we sang Autumn leaves are falling down and The crops grow higher and higher. It has also been a good time for us all to reflect on our privilege and discuss with the children what we are doing to help those who may need extra help.

Our January Form 1 leavers have been making brilliant progress during their daily phonics and reading sessions in Form 1. The remaining children have enjoyed taking part in other phonics games, such as silly soup, and matching the object to the sound.


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