Campfire stories

Form 4 had a wonderful time at the camp last Friday.

They excitedly arrived back at school in the evening and quickly discovered which tent they were in. Once they had set up their beds, they had a BBQ and then it was time for the treasure hunt. The clues all had a letter on the back which eventually led the children to Mr Falconer for their prize. It included the whole of the school grounds so the children were understandably ready for a break and an activity which required mental skills rather than physical.

This was in the form of initiative exercises. The children gathered in their houses and were provided with one large plank and three small pieces of wood. They had to use them to get the whole team across the lava but only the small pieces could touch the floor. Well done to Johnson for being the first team across, but there were some very creative ideas from the other teams too.
By this time, it was cooling down so toasting marshmallows with a cup of hot chocolate was just what was needed. The children also told several jokes before going inside to brush their teeth. Then it was time for bed. The children (eventually) settled down and then the long-threatened rain finally arrived. 
The next morning, the children had time to clear up and have a picnic breakfast before heading home for a much-needed catch up on their sleep!
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