Circle of life

Welcome back to Term 2 and the start of a brand-new year. Whilst settling back in to the school routine this week, Form 7 have had the opportunity to try many different practical activities. 

Firstly, we were invited to take part in a trial of a new piece of software called , which involved participating in many interactive games and logic puzzles in Russell Hall. From throwing balls at targets in basketball, to knocking a mouse and a cheese together in puzzles, the children found the challenges very enjoyable.

Form 7 have also been putting their hands to good use in maths lessons, where they have been completing challenges on all things circles. This has included drawing, labelling, measuring and recording data, which they will present next week. We have discovered that there is no such thing as a circular ruler and can now name the different parts of circles.

Finally, the week ended in a fun way with our first house assembly. This term we will be taking part in house music challenges and our house captains used their assembly time to play a selection of potential song choices to the rest of their house group. Oh, how we love a sing-a-long!

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