Deeper into space

In Form 1 this week, the children have continued their topic on space and have been finding out even more information on the subject.

On Monday, the children learnt all about why we have seasons and they were fascinated to learn that these are caused by the tilt of the Earth and its orbit around the sun. The children learnt that one orbit takes a year to complete and they started to discuss how many times they had travelled around the sun!

We then learnt the order of the months of the year by singing a really catchy song and then sequenced the months in their literacy books. The children put their reading skills into action and were great at decoding the words and then singing the song to remember the order. We discussed the season that each of the months are in and thought about the changes we notice throughout the year. The children have been singing the song all week!







In maths, the children have been learning to tell the time this week. We have learnt about the features of clocks and identified the numbers, face and hands. The children had fun making their own clocks and practising their number formation at the same time. We learnt how to tell the time to o'clock and the difference between the hour hand and the minute hand. The children also discussed the various things they do at certain times throughout the day and they are all now very good at spotting when it is lunchtime.

On Wednesday, Form 1 found out what it is like to travel into space and were fascinated watching some video clips of Tim Peake in space. They loved the tricks he could do with water and were fascinated to see how the lack of gravity made everything float around, including Tim!

We looked at galaxies on Thursday and the children thought they were so beautiful that we decided to create our own using pastels on black paper. The children started with a central colour and then created spirals or rings around this central point using different colours. We then blended and smudged the colours together. The children enjoyed finishing their pictures by adding little stars which they created by spekeling white paint across their galaxies using a stiff brush. We now have 15 beautiful little galaxies in Form 1.

On Friday, the children enjoyed sharing the work they have been doing in music at our Pre-Prep Coffee Morning. Miss Norford led the children through their musical activities and everyone worked very hard to show what they had learnt. As always, the children loved seeing familiar faces in the audience and it was a lovely way to celebrate the hard work of the children over the first half of this term.

All the children in Form 1 have worked incredibly hard over the last 6 weeks and certainly deserve to enjoy a restful week-long break before returning for their last 5 weeks in Pre-Prep. 



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