Dinosaur discoveries

There’s a Dino on the loose in Otford!




Miss Keeling made a surprising discovery over the half-term holidays, discovering a huge hatched egg whilst on a walk near to Otford! The children had some brilliant ideas about what creature could have hatched from the egg. Some children thought it was a snake, a chick, a bird, a dragon or even a dinosaur.

On Tuesday, we were shocked to discover an email from Mr Phil with a picture attached. In the picture, we can see the gigantic feet and swishing tail of a T-Rex in front of Russell House School! The mystery was solved. I had found a dinosaur egg and a dinosaur was on the loose.

The children have enjoyed learning lots of facts about dinosaurs this week and creating signs to tell others about the dinosaur on the loose. We have enjoyed playing with the small world dinosaurs, using fiddly screws and screwdrivers to build a dinosaur and creating dino pictures in our play this week.

Wednesday was a very special day as it was our Pre-Prep Assembly. Our assembly was all about our recent trip to Lullingstone Country Park. Every child had their own special part where they got to stand up and say something to all of Pre-Prep in their biggest and loudest voice. I was very proud of all the children for their efforts and bravery. I think that Pre-prep enjoyed hearing all about our exciting day out.

Our letter sound this week has been s. The children were fantastic in thinking of ideas of words beginning with s including; sausages, sun, seaside, space, square, six. Some children showed fantastic concentration and perseverance in cutting out a spiral shape to create a ssssnake!

Our maths circle times have focused on number recognition and number formation this week. It can be tricky remembering what all the different numbers look like, but the children have enjoyed playing games with the banana number cards to see how quickly they can find the correct number. Some children have also been able to use their fingers to show the correct number.

Our Sports Day practice is now well underway and the children are doing a fantastic job at remembering which colour team they are on, how to complete each of the races as quickly as they can and how to stay in your team’s lane. We can’t wait for Sports Day and have everything crossed for a nice sunny day for it!


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