Dinosaurs and diggers

We have had such a wonderful week in Nursery playing with the dinosaurs and diggers just like in our story of Diggersaurs!

It amazes us how the children can name all the dinosaurs in the stories we read - especially the names of the Diggersaurs, which have some very long names! The children have made their own dinosaur names by making spotty stegosaurus’ using paint and a Lego brick and sequencing the letters of their names onto the spikes of the dinosaur. 












Dinosaur skeletons were made using pictures of dinosaur bones and there was so much fun snipping the paper straws to add their own bones to their pictures. There were pieces of straw pinging all over the Nursery classroom!

The dinosaurs and diggers have been played with in the pasta shapes by scooping and scraping the pieces into piles for the dinosaurs to eat. And, of course, a LOT of noisy roaring dinosaurs too!

We spent a fantastic morning at Otford library on Tuesday. The children were absolutely amazing at listening to us about keeping safe as we walked down through the village. We saw lots of people walking their dogs and we watched the ducks quacking madly on the pond! The children spent time listening to stories about dinosaurs and diggers read by Marianne and Lorraine, the library lady, gave us lots of colouring in sheets of dinosaurs and animals. We were then allowed to choose two books each to bring back to Nursery which we read after our snacks and we keep them in a special box to read to each other until we visit next time. The walk back was much slower as we all had tired legs, so we were ready for drinks and snacks when we got back. A big thank you to Mrs Goodwin and Mrs Sexton for helping us to walk down to the library.












In the garden we made the most of the sunshine days by having lots of fun with water! The children loved washing the bikes and cars at our Nursery car wash facilities - we can highly recommend them if you need your cars washed at home! The baby dolls were treated to a lovely bubbly bath too.

On Wednesday, it was our turn to do the Pre-Prep Assembly. The children were proud to show their life-cycle of a butterfly, their sparkly butterflies and fingerprinting caterpillars and, of course, our very own caterpillars came to assembly too! They have grown so BIG! A pupil from Form 1 also joined us with her caterpillars from home which she had brought to show to her class. We read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and children from the Pre-Prep fed our caterpillar box each of the food items from the story, so there was lots of audience participation too! We then watched a short clip from BBC about the life-cycle of a butterfly which ended with the most beautiful butterflies, which got us thinking about what colours our butterflies might be? This week our special leaf was given for being confident to chat to us and the other children and loving playing and chasing games in the garden. Well done, another special leaf for our board.

The children had to really think about how to melt the ice as the dinosaurs were stuck inside! They used spoons to break the ice and they held the ice in their hands, which was freezing, to warm the ice to find the dinosaurs inside!

Dinosaurs were made by squishing and squashing the clay into dinosaur shapes and the children added sticks, stones, and pieces of pine cones to make horns, spikes and legs! I will add a photo of them next week as they are really super dinos! The children were amazing at thinking about the different dinosaurs they could make and which natural objects they could use for their features.

The children, myself and Mrs Sayers are very excited about our trip to Kent Life on Tuesday! We have booked a Meet the Animals activity where the children will meet some of the farmyard animals. We are hoping to see the pigs being fed and have a tractor ride too!


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