Festivities and fireworks

Welcome back to Nursery. It is now the countdown to Christmas! It has been lovely to hear all about what the children have been doing in the holidays during carpet time and in their Home/School Journals

We started the week by creating firework pictures with lots of paint, glue and glitter! The children had fun exploring the colours by using brushes and forks to make patterns and finished it off by adding glue and lots of sparkly silver glitter. There was a lot of chatter about fireworks from the children when they were busy making their pictures. This week we have been learning about healthy food and looking after our teeth. There was a lot of squeezing and squashing the oranges at the juicing station to produce some delicious orange juice which was then tasted, and mostly enjoyed by us all. 
Cleaning the teeth with minty toothpaste was very popular with copious amounts of toothpaste being squeezed onto the brushes so the teeth were sparkling clean! The drill was also popular to mix the red, white and blue of the toothpaste together. The children worked hard to cut out pictures of healthy food for their lunch box collages. They were fantastic at choosing food which is good for us and each child chose a treat to go in their lunch boxes. It's great to see how well the children concentrated to carefully cut around the pictures. More cutting was then done to make a Handa's Shopping List by cutting around the fruits from the story. The children have been amazing at remembering the names of the fruits and the cheeky animals which took the fruit from Handa's basket!