Full of happiness

It has been an extra happy week this week in Nursery, as we listened to the story of Anna Hibiscus, who was so full of happiness that she made us all happy too!

The children have been thinking about all the things which make them happy, from dancing with their families to the water parks on holiday. There were some fantastic drawings to go with all the happy thoughts which have been put into their Special Books. A special trip to the Fathers Day stall on Monday definitely made everyone happy as the children thought about what their daddies would like from the lovely mummies who were running the stall. I am sure all you daddies will love the special gifts which were chosen by the children.

As it was World Ocean Day on Saturday, we have been thinking about the animals in the sea and how we can keep them safe. The children created some beautiful ocean pictures by sponging blue, green and white paint onto the paper and then cutting around the sea animals to stick onto the paper.

We talked about how ocean creatures like clean seas and the importance of keeping the seas free from rubbish. We also watched The Whale’s Tale which is a story about a whale who sadly becomes tangled in a fishing net which then becomes full of rubbish. Thankfully, he is saved by his ocean friends and they push him to the top where the net and rubbish is removed, and we see the whale enjoying the ocean once more.

We all had another wonderful trip to the library on Tuesday morning. The children are always so impeccably behaved as we walk down through the village looking out for the ducks on the pond. The vehicles are always a highlight, especially if there’s a traffic jam, construction vehicles or people riding bikes! At the library, they all listened so well to Bev, the volunteer, who had a colouring activity for them to do, as well as lots of lovely books to share together. The children were very busy choosing books to bring back to Nursery which we then gave to Samuel to stamp the date when they are due to be taken back. It’s always a slower walk back to Nursery as the children are tired but once we are back and have a drink and a snack, they are raring to go again!

Our Special Leaf for our Growing and Learning Together tree was for having more confidence to chat and play with friends. Another special time for us to celebrate together.

As we have had lots of conversations about happiness this week, we thought we would celebrate everything in nature by making a collage of flowers and leaves which we see at school. So we set off around school with our sticky boards and the children were very careful about choosing what they wanted for their boards. They found daisies and buttercups as well as flowers growing on the various bushes, as well as many different leaves. We looked at the shapes of each of the leaves and discussed whether they had round or pointy bits and which were the biggest and the smallest.

The children had lots of fun exploring the loose parts to create patterns, including; napkin rings, shells, glass butterflies, gemstones and flowers. On creating a pattern one of the children noticed it was like the initial of her name, so we wrote initials on pieces of paper and the children enjoyed placing different objects to create their initial.








In the garden there was a lot of snipping with the scissors to cut flowers and mint leaves to create happy potions. The children were very careful using the scissors safely and sharing the water together. It is so lovely to see how the children’s sharing skills are developing, which is so important for young children’s social development.

On Thursday, the children were busy making a sweet treat for their daddies for Father’s Day, which apparently will be shared with the children! We hope you enjoy your treat and the other goodies which the children have made and chosen for you.

Finally, we are looking forward to our last practice for sports day on Friday before the big event next Tuesday - fingers crossed for some dry weather! We are looking forward to seeing you all cheering the children as they take part in the races.

We wish all the daddies a very happy day on Sunday. Have a lovely day.


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