George says goodbye

Form 2 received a final letter from George, the giant. In the letter, George thanked the children for writing to Jack. George has now received all his belongings back.

He has made friends with Jack and he went for tea with him on Sunday. George has given Jack some of his money, so he is no longer poor and he has invited Jack to the castle for tea next week. George was delighted that the children had planted the beans so very carefully.

During Environmental week, Form 2 started off by learning about their new pet whale, Tidal. He lives near Northern Australia and he is a humpback solitary whale. The children are able to track him to see where he is swimming regularly. We decided to see how big he was, so we took 15 metre sticks out onto the front court. We came to the conclusion that Tidal is massive, colossal, gigantic, enormous and just very, very BIG! Form 2 are keen to learn how they can keep the oceans clean and a safe protected space for Tidal. You can read more about Form 2's barnacled friend Tidal here.

In science, the children were exploring which ball would bounce the highest. We discussed a fair test and tested many different balls. The children recorded their results using a metre stick.












In maths, the children have continued to consolidate money and they have been working on getting change from the shop. They were also constructing their own bar charts and enjoyed collecting data about different flowers outside.















During humanities, we learnt about rules. We discussed why rules were important and why certain places needed rules. It is inspiring to see all the children so engaged and contributing. Well done, Form 2! 

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