Healthy eating

Our topic this week in Robins was Healthy Eating.

The children enjoyed taking part in Healthy Eating Week as part of The British Nutrition Foundation. Moving around and being active was a big focus during this week’s activities, along with eating healthy and trying new foods. We spoke about different types of fruit and vegetables during carpet time and the Robins were able to identify and match our healthy snacks to the pictures on our Talk for Learning poster.

Lots of fun was had on the new trampoline and I must say, they all took turns without any encouragement from myself and Mrs Saviou. Continuing with the active theme, we practised our races for Sports Day. The Robins did a fantastic job of listening to instructions and each one tried their best. It was also lots of fun so the children are looking forward to the real thing next week.

Carrying on with our topic, we read the story The Hungry Caterpillar. We spoke about all the different types of healthy snacks we consume at school each day. On Tuesday, the children made yummy fruit kebabs and I was very impressed with how well they were able to thread their fruit onto the skewer. Good work, Robins!

There was a big surprise on Tuesday when the children entered class… a pop-up shop. They explored the Farm Shop and they browsed the displays to purchase some local produce.

We continued to ensure our bird feeders were replenished daily. The children love watching the wildlife through our class nature window. Even the Form 6 children enjoyed spotting a robin and our friendly cheeky squirrel. The children thought Cyril the Squirrel was very funny when he was trying to eat the seed from the bird feeder… we think he was showing us his gymnastic moves!












It was our turn to host the Pre-Prep assembly this week and it was great showing our friends all the things we have been learning about during the month of June so far. Everyone enjoyed looking at our 30 Days Wild calendar and we also showed our friends the picture activity cards which we have achieved so far. We finished the assembly with some beautiful mindfulness forest music.

On Thursday, we packed up the bag and ventured around the school grounds and found a cosy spot to look at books. Can you guess what followed… a hot chocolate treat. Once back in class, we made yummy bread rolls. The Robins enjoyed kneading, patting and poking their bread dough. We then added rosemary and thyme from our Herb Garden. 

We finished the week with a fun PE session in the Russell Hall. The children thoroughly enjoyed balancing, climbing, jumping and rolling.

We look forward to next week’s Stonepitts Farm and Sports Day topics. The children are very excited to go strawberry picking and it will be a lovely experience for all our families. Also, fingers crossed for a dry and sunny (not too warm) Sports Day.

Happy Father’s Day for all the daddies on Sunday. We hope you have a lovely day.  


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