Interactive learning

Happy New Year! It's been a busy and exciting first week back for the children in Form 6.

On Wednesday, the children were given the opportunity to take part in a fantastic workshop by Interactive. In groups, the children were able to compete against each other to complete certain tasks. Some children had to solve mathematical problems and the answers had to be found and then a ball thrown to hit the answer. Others had to score goals by aiming the ball at a projected basketball hoop. Some groups took part in races where they had to complete physical activities in a timed challenge against each other. There was a huge amount of excitement in the room and it was lovely to see the children really enjoying themselves.
In maths lessons this week, Form 6 has been engaging with logic puzzles. They particularly enjoyed the prisoner hat puzzle, in which pupils knew that they would be vaporised if they did not correctly guess the colour of the hat they were given to wear without looking at it. The children found some clever solutions to give each other information that would help the whole group to survive. If you want to find out more, this problem can be found on Google Classroom. 
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