It's investigation time

Form 4 had a shock on Tuesday when they arrived at school to find police tape by their classroom.

They found out that Miss Norford's violin had been stolen from the music practice rooms the night before!  Luckily, the thief had inadvertently left several clues as to their identity and Form 4 were tasked with tracking down the culprit. The police had also kindly left a forensic suit, gloves, overshoes and evidence bags for Form 4 to use.

After checking the CCTV, Mr Skinner gave the children a list of possible suspects. They have paired up and each pair has been given a suspect to focus on. They learnt how to take fingerprints and have been busy fingerprinting suspects, taking samples of their writing and measuring the size of their feet. 
We will keep you updated with how the investigation is going over the coming weeks.
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