LeafMan and FunnyBones

A super busy week with 3 topics and the arrival of FunnyBones

Our topics this week were autumn, harvest and LeafMan.

It has been a super busy week in Robins. We started the week with a whole school Harvest Festival rehearsal in the Russell Hall. Afterwards, we collected our brightly coloured bags and went shopping. The Robins enjoyed popping the items in their bags in the School Office and they carried the bags all the way back to class. On return, we emptied our bags and popped everything on the kitchen counter. The children are soooo good with helping, that they should be able to help all their mummies and daddies at home.

We also had a Farm Shop area in class which was great for the children to share the resources and work together. However, the shop sold out very quickly, so more produce will definitely be needed for next time!