Leavers in London

Form 7 enjoyed taking part in the next activities of our Leavers’ Programme and took a train into London this week.

Form 7 set off to London again on Monday, where we visited The Houses of Parliament at Westminster. It was amazing to go inside such a recognisable building and to see the chambers in person rather than on the television. We learned about how the British government is run and compared it to how parliament was used by Kings and Queens hundreds of years ago. 

Clearly, some of us were inspired by the Palace of Westminster, as the Elizabeth Tower, often known as Big Ben, was one of the buildings selected for our shape-making activity in maths this week. We had to design a building and create 3D shape nets to attach together to make it. This proved more challenging than we first thought, so we had to use good team work to support each other with the fiddly parts. Other buildings included; The London Eye, Burj Khalifa, The Shard, Sydney Opera House and The Colosseum.

On Wednesday, we travelled to Kenwood House to take part in lots of workshops called Safety in Action. In these, we learned practical ways of staying safe, such as what to do if a fire breaks out and how to stay safe around electricity. We also received a visit from a Navigator from Compass for Life on Thursday, who helped us to plan into the future, setting long-term goals and developing strategies to look after our mental wellbeing. I think it is fair to say that the Leavers’ programme is in full flow and we are looking forward to next week, when we have our public speaking finals.

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