An action-packed week

As so, we have reached the final bulletin written by our Form 7 journalists - Lucy, Clara, Isabelle, Grace and Anders.








Form 6 and 7 have been rehearsing hard for our play this week. The name of the play is Mission Implausible. We have been rehearsing every day and have all learnt our many lines. This play features four MI5 agents off on a mission to stop plastics pioneer, Dr Yes. It’s an amusing take on spy films, with funny names like Maurice Nonsense, the Prime Minister. Two of the agents are a bit daft and also get distracted and they always seem to ruin the missions. Everyone from Form 6 and 7 were enjoying rehearsing and were ready to perform it. On Monday, we showed the play to the rest of the school in our Dress Rehearsal. It went very well.

On Tuesday, it was National Handstand Day. We had great fun trying to perfect our technique in gymnastics lessons, where we learnt how to do handstands properly. It is a lot trickier than it looks! Even the teachers got involved and had a go at trying to do some. There is a video on the school’s social media pages that shows lots of children and teachers trying their best. See if you can spot Mr McCarthy upside down!

On Wednesday, we had our whole-school photograph. We had to line up in height order and so did the other forms, even Robins. We then climbed the scaffold. The Form 7s were right at the very top and it was boiling. The teachers sat on benches at the bottom with Mr McCarthy in the middle. It took about half an hour to sort everything out, but we were well-organised and got there in the end. The photographers took about eight photos to get the perfect shot with everyone smiling.

In our maths lessons over the past two weeks, we have been investigating dice. We had three dice and we would first roll one die twelve times and record our score. We would then roll two dice twelve times and record our score and, finally, we rolled three dice twelve times and recorded our scores. We were investigating whether using probability really works or not. Some of us were lucky and rolled sixes more frequently than the one in six chance that we thought we had. When we had recorded our results, we put our findings into either a bar or pie chart.

We also had a very fun maths lesson where we had four stations with different games that tested our strategy skills. The first station I did was dominoes with Mrs Knight.  After this, we played some puzzles of our choice on the Chromebooks. Next, was a card game called Rummy. The last game was called Stick or Twist. We have all had an amazing time in our maths lessons and we can’t wait for what we are doing in the next one. 

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