Magic beans

It has been another very busy week in Nursery doing lots of fun learning around our story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

The children were very surprised to see that a beanstalk had grown in Nursery overnight and were excited to attach the spiral which they had made for the tendrils on the beanstalk. They practised their scissor skills by cutting carefully around spirals to create the spirals which are helping Jack to climb up the beanstalk to find the giant! There has been lots of Fi Fy Fo Fum going on and some great recall of the characters and the events of the story. The children have also enjoyed other giant stories such as The Smartest Giant in Town, Shh, The Giant Jam Sandwich and the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk.

Everyone was excited to plant some magic beans in their own pot so there was a lot of scooping up the soil and poking the beans down into the soil and then watering the beans which we hope are going to grow into beanstalks as tall as Jack’s! While we were planting the beans, the children also planted some surprise seeds in pots for a special gift for their daddies for a special day which is coming up soon!

There has been a lot of exploration using the beans, gold coins and shaky eggs to fill pots, dishes and pans using the funnels, pipes and tubes. With the beans flying everywhere, the children have been so helpful in clearing them up using the dustpan and brush!












It has been lovely to see some beautiful imaginative play with the castle, knights and princesses and, of course, a roaring dragon - no giant in the castle but lots of wonderful opportunities for learning together and sharing the favourite figures.

There were some fantastic castles built using the wooden bricks and blocks, showing a fabulous understanding of how to balance the bricks and keep the castles stable. Some of the 3D shapes are tricky to balance with pointy bits and curved edges, so the children did an amazing job!

The children became really engaged in making the tallest beanstalk using curtain rings, napkin rings and beads to fit around the tubes, sticks and dowels. There were some amazing thinking skills going on and lots of teamwork. When one of the beanstalks fell over, it became a bridge between the tables - what great thinking!

As we are creating a new Learning and Growing Together tree for the Nursery entrance area, the children made some beautiful leaf prints using different shades of green for us to put onto the tree. They carefully painted the leaves and pressed them down onto the paper to create some beautiful colours and patterns.

For their Special Books this week the children had a fantastic go at writing the letters of their names! We were so impressed with how the children carefully looked at each letter and had a go at forming them. The names are in their special books which you will get the chance to look at during parent consultations.

In music, the children enjoyed singing the Climbing up the Beanstalk song as well as using the instruments for the We’re Going on a Bear Hunt story showing great rhythm and tempo. They have also been practising hard for our Pre-Prep Coffee Morning on Friday when we hope to see you there!

Our special leaf for our Learning and Growing Together tree was given for super listening to the sounds of the instruments in our Musical Detectives’ game with Ms Norford. Another big well done!

We thought about what the giant might like to eat, so we decided to make him a giant cookie, which we will make on Friday when we will mix the butter, sugar and chocolate together to make a delicious cookie for the giant - or maybe the children will eat it first!


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