Matters of the heart

This week saw another trip to Sevenoaks Larder and an examination of the structures of the heart in science.

The second half of Form 6 went to visit Sevenoaks Larder. They worked really hard to get all the boxes packed with cupboard items requested by Sevenoaks Larder clients. They learnt that in just the last few months the charity has taken on its first homeless clients and now has 10 gentlemen without homes on their books. They also learnt how the charity works in other areas to ensure that their clients are in need of their services for the shortest time possible and that they have the tools to regain their independence. 
In Science, Form 6 got to see first hand the structure of a lamb's heart, noting the small leathery pouches that are the atria and the thick muscular walls of the ventricles. They were able to identify the main blood vessels bringing blood to the heart as well as those feeding the heart tissue itself with vital oxygen and glucose. The heart, afterall, is the hardest working muscle in the body. Form 6 worked really carefully, making neat incisions to as to minimise the damage to the structures they were studying. 
Form 6 has been busy in maths this week and having lots of fun learning about shapes. In this lesson, we had defined parallel and perpendicular lines and after spotting them in different shapes, we were identifying where they could be located in the letters that formed our names.
To understand more about the trial of King Charles I, after his capture at the end of the English Civil War, Form 6 re-enacted various scenes from the trial in their humanities lessons. The children discussed the significance of placing the King on trial and the impact this had. They also talked about what makes a fair trial and decided if we felt the King would have had one. The class then looked closely at how King Charles reacted to being placed on trial.
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