Non-standard measurement

This week the children enjoyed visiting the book fair as they were able to look at all the fantastic books.

They have also been working extremely hard at rehearsing their Christmas play. The children love acting, singing and dancing too.

In mathematics, they have been learning to add and subtract using worded problems. They enjoyed acting out adding and subtracting using different objects. A few children made up their own worded problem for the class to solve. They also have been using non-standard measurement to measure items around the room. A few children were estimating too. Well done, Form 2.

In science, they were learning how sound is transmitted. They labelled an ear and we talked about what it may be like to be deaf. The children enjoyed talking about their favourite sounds and sounds they do not like.

The children discussed anti-bullying week and they acted out a few scenarios for the class to decide whether it was bullying or not.

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