Our families

What another busy week we have had in Transition!

Our new focus for this week is all about our families. It was lovely to have a circle time where we all shared who we live with at home, not forgetting any pets! I was very impressed with the children’s listening skills, waiting patiently for their turn to speak. All the children did fantastic writing this week about their families. There were lots of lovely drawings and sentences, completed with focus and concentration. It has been so nice to see how much the children enjoy spending special time with their families and were excited to share this with the class.

We also completed a class tally to collect data on different family members in Transition. It was tricky at first to get the hang of crossing through the lines once we reached five, but the children were getting the hang of it by the end. We spoke about other things we could collect data on in our class. Some ideas were different types of snack, favourite colours or favourite animals.

It has been lovely for the children to share their family cultures with the class. We all learnt how to say hello in Russian and also counted the line before going to playtime in Russian. Even Miss Keeling and Mrs Nelson learnt something new in school!

Although we were moving onto a new topic this week, it was lovely to see the children’s enthusiasm and engagement in their free play with our space topic from the last few weeks, pretending to fly to the moon. Some children decided to draw maps, whilst others were carefully packing their picnic bag with all the snacks they would need for their journey!

Since the rain cleared up, we decided to get outside and go on our very own class expedition to Jupiter! Each child chose an object and climbed aboard the spaceship. After counting down from 10 to blast off, we journeyed around the school in our rocket, using our maps to guide us. Along the way, we spotted some aliens (in the form of other members of staff around the school) and even some craters (circles on the netball courts). Once we reached Jupiter, we played a game where the children had to listen very carefully to Miss Keeling to know if they should blast off (run as fast as they can), walk like an astronaut or hide from the aliens. We all had lots of fun.


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