Our spring poem

On Monday we started the week with a wonderful visit from the author and poet, Laura Mucha.

The children were engaged by her performance of her poem Bird Song and loved hearing her read her story Rita's Rabbit. Laura explained the behind-the-scenes process of writing a book and how she works with the publisher and illustrator to get to the finished product. She also shared her inspiration for her stories and poems which was also extremely funny and inspiring.

Form 1 loved the acrostic poem Laura shared so much that we wrote our own poem when we returned to the classroom. The children had some brilliant ideas and even used some alliteration! Our poem is an acrostic poem called Spring.

Popping up
Incredible insects
No more cold
Grass growing green

On Tuesday, the children had a great time visiting the Mother's Day stall and spending their Russell Bucks on some lovely treats for their mummies. Everyone thought carefully about what their mummy would like and enjoyed having their present gift wrapped and placed in their very own bag. Form 1 would like to say a big thank you to the RHPA for all their hard work and making it so special for them.







In maths, we have been learning all about place value and exploring some really big numbers! Using Numicon, the children have learnt how many tens and how many ones are in a number and have loved finding out about numbers beyond 100. This helps the children gain more understanding about how and why numbers are represented the way they are and supports them to deepen their knowledge about how numbers work.

In literacy this week, it has been all about stories. The children have been drawing their favourite characters and talking about why they like them. They have also written about their World Book Day costume, saying who they dressed up as and why they chose that character. They have also loved making their own books independently and solving some story book problems, such as making a bridge to help the three billy goats gruff cross the river and drawing maps for Red Riding Hood to get to Granny's house.

On Thursday, the children LOVED coming to school dressed up as a character from a favourite book to celebrate World Book Day. All the children looked wonderful and had so much fun telling us all about their book and why they enjoyed it. The children also participated in a drama workshop which they all thoroughly enjoyed, taking on lots of different characters and using their imaginations. The children pretended they were cowboys and cowgirls in the Wild West riding their horses! We also introduced the Readathon and the children were very excited to receive their book tokens to spend on a lovely new book.

The children have also been working hard on their Mother's Day gifts and cards in preparation for Mothering Sunday. They are very excited to spoil their mummies, we hope you love the things they have made! 


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