Phases of the moon

This week, Form 6 has been learning about the phases of the moon.

They used a two-toned table tennis ball and they moved it anti-clockwise around their partner's head for them to notice how the shape of the moon appears to change and it orbits the Earth. They confirmed that there is not a monster eating parts of the moon each night and that a new sphere of cheese does not appear in the sky every 28 days for him to start dining on, no matter what Mrs Hutchinson says!
In humanities, the children have been looking at the different weather systems that impact the UK, as well as some of the more extreme weather found worldwide. They had to choose a location and then research the climate, by month, and produce a slideshow detailing their findings. They then had to create a digital graph to show the climate of their chosen location. After that, they learnt how to write a climate report, including an analysis of their graph.
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