Seashells on the sea shore

The beautiful weather this week has certainly made us feel how we would like to be at the beach looking into rock pools in the sunshine, just like in our story this week.

Instead, we created our own rock pool and we made ramps using the gutters for the boats to go along by swishing the water behind them to travel really quickly into the water tray. It was fun filling the rock pool with the hose as well as working out how to transfer all the water back using various containers.

The children used the rolling pins to flatten the clay before making imprints and patterns with different shells and then painting them with the pearlised paint. We talked about the different shells and the sea creatures which used to be inside them. It was fabulous to hear that the children had remembered the names of the creatures in the story, naming the blob thing, the brush thing and even having a good go at the more tricky words of anemone and bristleworm.

There was a lot of exploring colours when the children created a sea picture using the colours of the ocean. They used the scrapers to move the paint across the paper to create wavy lines to represent the waves of the sea. They then designed a starfish and added the title of A Wish for a Starfish to make their own wishes - we hope you can make a wish at home too!

Some of the children made sandcastle and seaside collages using pictures to decorate the sandcastles and carefully using the scissors to cut around the pictures for their beach pictures. We hope you get the chance to visit the beach in the holidays to build real sandcastles and have fun on the beach.

On Thursday, the longest train track in the world was constructed, travelling the whole length of the Nursery classroom! The children were involved in great team work by suggesting and sharing ideas of how to build it under the easel and tables by carefully joining the pieces and bridges together. The trains terminated at the end and then travelled backwards along the track to the start again.

As it has been such a glorious week of sunshine, we have made the most of having lots of water play. We don’t think the fence, shed and playhouse have ever been so clean as the children used bubbly water with the paint brushes and sponges to give them a good wash! The baby dolls have had lots of fun being washed in the bubbly water too, and there was a lot of thinking going on when the children used the jugs, funnels and water wheels to transfer the water into different vessels and containers. We have been to the Paddock to spend time in the shade and played on the climbing apparatus too.

This week, the children have been practising their songs for the Pre-Prep Celebration on the stage. They are all singing beautifully and we are looking forward to performing our songs for you next week.

Sadly, this is our last Nursery bulletin for the school year and we are amazed at how the time has flown by, yet again. We will be saying goodbye to one of our special friends next week and also goodbye to some of the children as they take their next steps into the Transition class in September.  Mrs Sayers and I would like to say a huge thank you for all your fantastic support over the Summer Term and we wish you all a very happy and relaxing summer break with your family during the holidays. We look forward to seeing you in September.


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