Shared poetry

This week has been book week in school. This kicked off with an inspirational visit from award-winning poet Laura Mucha, who shared some of her poems with us and hosted a workshop. It was very exciting to see our own ideas turned into a shared poem.













Later in the week, we took part in a book quiz in English lessons. Some of the questions were really tricky and included naming books that particular characters came from. Would you know which books you would find Gandalf, James Henry Trotter and Miss Honey in?

Form 7 presented an assembly about books to the rest of the school on Tuesday. Each of us created our own slide linked to books and spoke about it when it was our turn. They included talking about favourite books and illustrators, genres of books and interesting facts about books. Did you know that The Codex Leicester is the most expensive book ever bought and that bibliosmia is the love of smelling books?

On Thursday, we dressed up as our favourite book characters. Some of our choices included Lyra (His Dark Materials), Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (Alice in Wonderland) and Harry Potter! We also read books in many of our lessons that day. In Maths, we read 365 penguins and had to solve challenges involving cubed and triangle numbers!

As part of book week, we learned how fundraising could help to support other children. Look out for sponsored Readathon forms in our bags, where the money raised will go directly to a charity that reads to children in hospital. We have until the end of Term 2 to complete and return them.

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