Spectacular sunshine

Transition have been out and about enjoying the glorious sunshine this week.

We have enjoyed lots of picnic snack times under the shade of the trees and several play times climbing on the equipment on the Paddock. The children are all so brave when climbing and swinging and are very excited to show Mrs Nelson and I all that they can do.

On Monday, we thoroughly enjoyed watching the Form 6 and Form 7 play. All the children performed spectacularly and the songs were wonderful. Transition sat and watched with impeccable behaviour, despite it being a long time and very hot in the hall!

All the children kept up their super behaviour during our whole school photo on Wednesday. It was very exciting seeing the whole school all together. Everyone listened carefully to find out where they needed to sit and we practised our lovely smiling faces ready for the photo to be taken!

Our theme for this week has been Beaches and Pirates. We have enjoyed digging for treasure in the sand and counting it in the treasure chests, walking the plank, creating pictures using shells, creating treasure maps and making collage beach artwork.

We read a lovely story called Have you Filled a Bucket Today, which explains the idea that everyone in the world carries around an invisible bucket with them. Kind actions and words fill yours and others’ buckets up, but unkind actions and words take from yours and others’ buckets. This is called bucket dipping. We thought about ways in which we can make sure that we are all bucket fillers and definitely not bucket dippers!

We have been very busy practising for our Pre-Prep celebration performance. The songs are sounding and looking lovely and the children are very excited to show you their hard work!

I can’t believe that the school year is almost over. We have had a wonderful time in Transition all together. All the children should be incredibly proud of all that they have achieved. For those moving on to Form 1, I wish you all the very best and look forward to watching you continue to flourish. For those returning to Transition in September, I very much look forward to welcoming you back for lots more fun and learning. Wishing you all a wonderful summer holiday with your families.




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