Springing back into learning

Happy New Year and welcome back. We are delighted that the children have come back eager to learn and with a lot of enthusiasm.

This week in English, the children have been retelling the story Tiddalick with a partner. They had to remember to use adjectives when they rewrote the story. The children were fascinated with all the different Australian animals and thoroughly enjoyed discussing what they were. They wrote some fabulous stories after acting out their plays for the class.

In mathematics, the children have been working on their number bonds and the two, five and ten multiplication tables. They also have been working on their number bonds to 2. I was particularly impressed with their problem-solving this week. Many children thought of many different ways to make 8 using addition, subtraction and multiplication sums. Well done.








In science, Form 2 went into the science lab to look at all the equipment. We discussed science lab rules and they labelled the equipment.

Form 2 will be learning about the Creation Story. The children completed a creation wheel showing that Christians believe the world was created in seven days. The children discussed their beliefs and many of the children understood that it was not factual. This resulted in a very good discussion. Well done, Form 2. 

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