Strange literature

This week, the children looked at Skellig, A Poison Tree and The Tyger.

The children have been enjoying reading our class book, Skellig by David Almond, a book which mixes the normal life experiences of a young boy with some strange and perhaps supernatural happenings in his dilapidated garage. Imagery of birds, wings, shoulder blades and evolution has led to a side-study of British poet and artist, William Blake. The children analysed his poem A Poison Tree, which uses metaphor to investigate what happens when you don't talk about your anger. They have also looked at perhaps his most famous poem, The Tyger and the majority of the class are of the opinion (along with his contemporaries) that he was a slightly strange character!
In maths, the children played percentage dominoes to support the work that they had been doing on fractions, decimals and percentages. First, they had to work in pairs to try and piece all of the dominoes together. Then, they played a game against each other to see who could play all of their pieces first.
Next Thursday, Form 6 will be performing their Class Assembly on Buddhism. The children have been busily preparing their slides and learning their words so that they are ready to present it all to the rest of the school next week.
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