Strawberries and sports

The topics this week in Robins were Sports Day and Stonepitts Farm.

We had such a great start to the week with our wonderful school trip to Stonepitts Strawberry Farm in Seal. On arrival, we were met with the resident dog, Gus. He certainly enjoyed lots of strokes and tickles from the Robins. Once everyone was present, Jackie spoke to the children about picking strawberries. She showed us a few examples of green strawberries (which we shouldn’t pick) and some ideal ones.

Jackie also told us about the special hawk kite which is used to deter birds from landing and eating the strawberries. There were many varieties of strawberries and I can safely say (after sampling a few) that Allure was the best and the most sweetest.

After filling their punnets to the top, the Robins gathered together and chased bubbles around the field. Lots of fun was had and shortly after, the children joined their families for a lovely picnic. We were very lucky with the weather and the sun stayed out for the duration of our trip.