Such lovely sunshine

This week the children were excited to start a new topic about the sun and space.

Leading on from learning about minibeasts and plants, the children understood that living things need light and warmth to grow and that this comes from the sun. The children found out that all life on earth exists because we are the right distance from the sun and that all life depends on this. We gathered lots of facts that the children already knew and then used some lovely information books from the classroom to find out more. Some children had brought books from home and were keen to share them with the class. We gathered lots of facts and then used them to help us write some facts in our literacy books. The children are working on their independence when writing and I am incredibly proud of how well they are doing.

The children were really interested in a model of the solar system that showed clearly the sun being at the centre and all the other planets. The children learnt not only about the size and position of the planets but also that they all orbit the sun and at different speeds. The children later used this model to draw their own diagrams of the solar system, labelling the planets and thinking carefully about the size and varying distances from the sun.







In maths, we have been learning how to count in groups of 5. Following on from last week, when the children explored grouping in equal amounts, they were able to discuss groups of confidently. We counted on in 5s out loud and then looked at the pattern we noticed on the large 100 square. In their maths books, the children filled in a 100 square that had all the 5s missing. There was lots of fantastic counting on to find the answers!

Form 1 did a wonderful job in our Pre-Prep assembly this week and showed lots of confidence when they shared their facts about minibeasts. The children worked in groups of three and used lovely big voices when they told the audience about their minibeasts habitat, diet and an interesting fact. Everyone thought the assembly should have a quiz at the end and the children had fun testing the rest of Pre-Prep to see if they had been listening carefully. We ended with some funny jokes about minibeasts and the song, There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden, which everyone enjoyed. The children's favourite joke was; Why did the insect cross the road? To get away from the pesti-side!







The children have also enjoyed weaving their own little sunshines this week. Using the glue gun, the children glued four lolly sticks together to create the rays of the sun. Then, using yellow wool, the children weaved under and over the sticks to fill in the shape. The children were able to do this almost independently and it was a great fine motor activity as well as being lots of fun. The sunshines are brightening up the classroom ready to go home at the end of the week.

The children made some beautiful stained-glass planets on Thursday using black paper, tissue paper and laminating pouches. Consideration went into what colour their planet should be and they then carefully glued tissue paper to the plastic pouch to fill space within the planet's outline. Once their planet was totally covered in tissue paper we all took a trip to the office to use the laminator.  Each child enjoyed putting their stained glass window through the laminar and everyone loved visiting Mrs Tickner. The planets look beautiful on the classroom window with the sun shining through.

It was also time for the sunflowers that the children have been growing in the classroom to be planted outside into larger pots.

We are hoping the weather improves soon and helps our little plants grow nice and tall. As always it has been a busy but fun week in Form 1!


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