The Diwali story

It was so lovely to welcome the children back from their half-term breaks and hear all about the exciting things they had been doing during their time away.

The children were very excited to share their news with each other and we started the week off by talking about it as a class. The children then drew pictures of their favourite part of their half term and wrote some sentences to accompany them.

Our topic this week in Form 1 is the celebration of Diwali! The children found out about this exciting festival and how people around the world celebrate this time of year. Everyone had lots of fun creating a Diwali house in the roleplay, adding lights and rangoli decorations.

The Diwali story of Princess Sita and Prince Rama really captured the children's imaginations and they enjoyed retelling the story and sequencing each part in their literacy books. We also acted out the story in preparation for our assembly next week.

In maths, the children have been consolidating their understanding of addition and have been writing their own addition sentences in their maths books. Everyone is becoming confident in recording their maths work and working hard to form their numbers correctly. We have also looked at dice patterns to develop the children's ability to recognise an amount without having to count.

The children have been really creative this week and made some beautiful clay diva tea lights. They worked hard to shape their clay and then added detail using tools to make marks and patterns. We will be adding gems and painting these once they are dry.

After a wonderful Pre-Prep assembly all about Remembrance Day by Robins class, the children made some beautiful poppy field pictures. On black sugar paper, the children used different coloured green pastels to create a grassy field and then added poppies using their thumbprints in red paint.

Lots of fun was had at the Perform drama workshop where the children went on an exciting imaginary adventure, visiting different countries and singing songs about the animals they might see there. We have also started practising for our Christmas performance and everyone has done very well learning new songs with Miss Norford.


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