The haunted house

This week, the children have been into the haunted house. We saw big, black bats and huge hairy spiders. The children had to climb through a tunnel full of cobwebs and they had to climb over broken wood. We managed to push the door open and get out, PHEW! The children wrote some amazing descriptions using adjectives, similes and alliteration.

During maths, Form 2 have been using place value cards and the dienes to make two- and three-digit numbers. They have enjoyed using column addition and subtraction using the column method. The children continue to consolidate their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

In science, the children enjoyed identifying living and non-living things. The class discussed what was needed to make it living or non-living.

During humanities, Form 2 have been learning about the Victorians and they put together their own timeline. They learnt many facts about Queen Victoria and inventions during the Victorian era.

A very productive week. Well done Form 2.

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