The story machine

What another busy fun week we have had in Nursery, starting off with a wonderful trip to the library on Monday.

Lorraine and Marianne were so excited to see us and very grateful for the beautiful artwork the children have created for their display board. Please pop in and see it if you can. I know they will be delighted to see you. The children enjoyed stories being read to them, and then we all had lots of fun looking for Easter pictures on an Easter hunt around the library! They had to find different pictures which they could then tick off on their sheets, with the help of Mrs Sayers, Mrs Hunter and Mrs Savoui. They then chose to colour in Easter pictures and they then had the opportunity to choose a book to bring back to Nursery, so there was a lot of looking for favourite stories which we have enjoyed reading together in Nursery this week. 
Another highlight was using our very own story machine just like Elliot used in our story this week. And just like Elliot, the children were amazed at how the machine made letters just by pushing down the letter and number keys. The children particularly loved listening for the ting when they had to push the handle across the typewriter to start typing again. One of them said it was just like daddy working 100 hours a week!
The children also made their own pictures just like Elliot using chalks and pens on a large roll of paper - we had some fabulous drawings of ballerinas, dinosaurs, rainbows and even a story machine! 
As it was Science Week, we undertook some exciting experiments. We placed celery into coloured water to see if the leaves would change colour. By Thursday only the leaves in the blue colour had changed colour, so we will continue to observe them and see if any others change. There was curiosity and lots of engagement adding food colour to the sugar lumps and seeing them change colour by absorbing the colours, and lots of new colours were discovered too! We also explored the gloop with our fingers and hands and used scoops and spoons to fill the dishes and jugs - lots of messy fun!
The Easter hunt at the library had got us in the mood for Easter, so we were all ready for the Easter egg hunt at school. With baskets in hand, the children excitedly collected as many eggs and chicks as they could find to fill their baskets to the very top. Everyone was careful to try and choose different coloured eggs and when they were all collected, the children were all rewarded with their very own chocolate egg! 
On Wednesday, when we were all ready for lunch, we were excited in anticipation of the arrival of the Golden Arrow steam train, which was due to pass by. Unfortunately, it was delayed and we had to go to lunch, however,  two of us saw it go past over an hour later. There was no steam engine, as it needed a diesel to pull it along this time, but we did see lots of people enjoying having dinner in the carriages.
As this is the last Nursery bulletin for this term, we would like to thank you all for your support and wish you a very happy Easter break and, of course, lots of chocolate treats and special memories.
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