This is the life!

What a wonderful start to the week visiting all the animals at Kent Life!

The children were all very excited to bring their picnic lunches to school and then to have a ride on the minibus to Kent Life! The children were absolutely amazing at listening to myself, Mrs Sayers, Mrs Sexton and Mr Phil about staying safe when getting on and off the minibus. 

We arrived at Kent Life armed with picnics, wellies and, of course, Teddington Bear... all in glorious sunshine! After being shown our lunchroom at the farm, the children changed into wellies and we excitedly set off to see some of the animals. We headed to see the pigs, who were very happy sleeping in the sunshine in the mud. We also saw sheep, alpacas, ducks, goats and a very big horse called Rupert. We all then headed down to the farmyard to meet one of the farmers for our Meet the Animals activity. We were greeted by some very noisy orphaned lambs who were baaa-ing extremely loudly waiting for their breakfast! He showed us Ernie the pygmy goat, Truffles the Shetland pony, Freddie the ferret, a chicken called Cocoa and one of the very noisy lambs, who thankfully had been bottle-fed so wasn’t so noisy any more! The children listened very carefully to the farmer about stroking each of the animals and they were all very gentle when they stroked each one, feeling the soft fur and feathers.