BeeBots and riddles

This week the children have been writing riddles.

It has been a lot of fun guessing the animals and the children had some excellent clues. The children are very knowledgeable about animals which made it extremely interesting. Well done, Form 2!

In maths this week, the children made 3D shapes out of plasticine and they discussed their properties after constructing them. The children used the words faces, edges and vertices. The children went on a 3D hunt and it is amazing how many different things they spotted around the school. Form 2 then went on to learn about days of the week and months in a year.

In the computer lesson, they were programming the BeeBots to move in different directions using forwards, backwards, right and left. It was quite a challenge but a lot of fun.

In science, the children used their sense of smell to plot a bar chart. They smelt vinegar, lemon, coffee, sweets and marmite. We discussed which was the most popular and least popular smells in Form 2. The children then made a human bar chart to show the results.

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