Totally Terrific Transition

New children, new haircuts and new shoes - welcome to Transition!

What a fantastic return to school life we have enjoyed in Transition this week, including celebrations for a special fourth birthday on the very first day of term! 

It has been wonderful to see the classroom returning to life, with new children, new haircuts and new shoes a-plenty! The class has been an absolute delight, with everyone taking everything in their stride. The children have very quickly learned new routines, all the while exploring the classroom, the outside environment and our resources with enthusiasm and confidence. 

Finger Gym activities have included lots of fishy fun, with our magnetic fishing set and our bubbling fish tank game both being in play, as the children have used hand-eye coordination to catch the fish. The younger group have given their fingers a thorough workout in the Dough Gym too, when they manipulated the playdough to music.

With the children's first music and PE lessons having also taken place, it has indeed been a busy and productive first week back. I expect there will be lots of tired children this weekend!

You will never guess what our focus letter sound is for this week! Of course, it simply couldn't be anything other than 't', representing our totally terrific Transition! 


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