Thinking inside the box...

Form 5 have been writing wonderfully inventive stories about a magic box.

This week it has been great getting back to a full timetable. The class have been flexing their creative muscles in English, writing exciting, adventurous and wonderfully descriptive stories about a magic box. What have they found inside? Ideas ranged from a portal to an ice-cream universe, a genie who grants not three, but five wishes, eggs which hatch into unicorns and a magic power which swaps people's bodies over.

Pen licences hang in the balance and Mrs Reay has been very impressed with the quality of imagination and handwriting in Form 5. 

Form 5 have loved getting back in the lab for science and having their first lessons with Mrs Carn. This half term the class is studying the human body. They will be learning about the skeleton, muscles and organs. Such a huge amount of learning has already taken place in such a short time - we cann't wait for more!

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