Something fishy

Our week in Transition started in the very best way possible... with lots of smiles! 

Individual and class photographs took place on Monday morning, with the whole class being so sensible and grown up as they listened to instructions and they pulled out their widest of smiles. I can't wait to see the results! 

This week's focus letter sound in class has been 'p'. We were all so amazed at just how many words start with this sound! The children are really understanding and participating in our brainstorming sessions now, when we try to think of as many words as possible, starting with that sound. They are learning to listen to one another's ideas and to take turns in a class discussion.

Of course 'p' is for porthole, and so as part of our continuing nautical theme, we decided to create our own portholes. Everyone enjoyed selecting an assortment of shells, fish and seaweed to create a colourful and striking underwater display in our classroom.

The pirate game in P.E was very energetic, with the children responding to 'Captain's orders', such as 'port', 'starboard, 'climb the rigging', 'ship ahoy' and the dreaded 'shark'! We have also been practising our pencil control this week, using pens and paper. The children have had a turn on the class computer, pretending to be deep sea divers and counting an array of underwater sea creatures, using the mouse to click on the corresponding numeral.

With the whole range of weather hitting us this week, we have still managed lots of play inside and outside, with the trains and marble run being especially popular. Finger Gym has involved peeling off sticky circles, with which we decorated our portholes, and playing with the small stacking chairs.

Oh yes, if you really want to reinforce the 'p' sound at home over the weekend, you might like to try the Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper tongue twister! The children loved having a go at repeating it and they found it especially funny when their tongues became somewhat muddled! 


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