Just a minute

As part of their Maths work on time, Form 2 stood on one leg... for a minute!

This week Form 2 enjoyed visiting the book fair and looking at all the marvellous books. They have also been working extremely hard rehearsing their Christmas play, and are loving the acting, singing and dancing.

In Maths we have been working on telling the time. To appreciate how long various measures of time are, the children undertook a number of activities for the period of a minute. I was surprised how many could stand on one leg without wobbling for one whole minute! Well done, Form 2.

In Science, the children sorted many materials into different groups. We discussed where the materials had come from. It was an extremely interesting lesson and they were amazed to find out that diamonds came from mines in India and Africa.

The class was thrilled to work on computers in their classroom during their ICT lesson.

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