Lights, music, action!

Angels, sheep, shepherds, pages, a king, and an innkeeper in can only mean one thing!

Tidings of great joy were in abundance with our long-awaited Christmas play with Form 1 in the Russell Hall on Monday. The children were fantastic and really gave it their all, making us very proud of them. We can hardly wait for you to enjoy the production and see how fantastic everyone looked in their costumes. It really does feel as though our Christmas preparations can now begin in earnest!

The children have started our introduction to Christmas by creating some very seasonal robins, carrying out their first experience of tear art - where they gave their fingers a workout, tearing up pieces of paper to create a collage. The results are fabulous! The children were super proud of their robins, taking them around and showing one another their work.

Other Finger Gym activities this week have involved exploring the properties of our Magnetix resources and metal balls, attaching them to the wire cooling racks. The children loved filling templates with the tiny Hama beads too, (even though we were forever picking them up from the floor!); a very good activity to develop dexterity and perseverance! 

Maths work has included creating very long towers with the Unifix cubes, which wound their way around the classroom. We have been practising writing numerals as well as determining missing numerals in a numberline. Our magnetic shapes have been in play too, with children creating rainbows and rockets. 

This week's focus sound is 'd'. Our class brainstorming was particularly interactive this week and produced a vast array of words, from Daddy to dustbin and just about everything in between! It always takes us by surprise when our children contribute ideas we had not previously thought of, and this week was no exception..... 'double' and 'dice', which were both absolutely fantastic ideas, especially when one contributor went on to draw a superb die face on the whiteboard, with the 3 dots placed in exactly the correct, diagonal position. Wow!

To reinforce the d sound, we shared the story of Duck in the Truck by Jez Alborough. We went on to do some dancing and then we listened to amazing Japanese drumming music. The children quickly mastered the art of drumming on the carpet using their hands and drumming with wooden spoons - so please don't be surprised if their weekend is spent raiding your kitchen drawers for utensils and proceeding to drum on everything in sight! Have a good weekend and happy drumming everyone! 


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