A fun week for Form 6

It has been a fun week with RHOnline! in Form 6.

Happy New Year and a warm welcome back to all of Form 6. It has been a fun week with RHOnline! and the children have settled straight back into the routine of online learning.

It has been wonderful to see so much snow in the background while children have been busy learning. Some children shared photos of the snowmen they had created as well as pictures and videos of the fun they have been having in the snow.

During Form Time this week, the children were given the task to create a drawing with the help of author, Rob Biddolph. We were all amazed at how fantastic the drawings were and how achievable they can be by breaking each drawing down into small chunks.

In PE, Mr Trigger and Mrs Curling have set the children a challenge to complete certain activities within a specific amount of time. We are then going to work out how many calories the children have burned during each activity. The results will be very interesting!

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