Our 3D shape hunt

Form 2 found 3D shapes in some rather unusual places this week!

This week Form 2 has been working incredibly hard! We have been very impressed with their perseverance, motivation, funny facts and - of course - their jokes! 

The children found many 3D shapes during their hunt around school and home. I was amazed at how many objects they managed to find. These included globes, boxes, cushions, pots, tins, trees, chicken’s tails and many more. They also knew a lot about the 3D shapes and could identify faces, vertices and edges. Well done Form 2!

For their art project, the children were asked to create something to thank the NHS and produced a stunning selection of results.

In English they described a big bad character, which had unfortunately gone missing. We had some very creative ideas including The Big Bad penguin, The Big Bad Wolf and many more. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all their missing posters.

The children also designed their very own Scottish flags. They were super! We had unicorns, haggis, thistles, bagpipes and, of course, the Loch Ness monster appeared on many flags. Thank you for a lovely week Form 2. Keep those jokes and funny facts coming our way.

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