Similes and smiles

Literary devices have been on the menu in English this week for Form 6.

It has been another fun week in Form 6 and the children continue to work incredibly hard online. A huge well done to all of the class for their continued efforts!

In PE last week, Form 6 managed to burn approximately 308 calories (as a class) in just 5 minutes of exercise. Very impressive!

In English, the children have been further developing their knowledge of literary devices, also known as figurative language or writing techniques. These include: similes, metaphors, alliteration, oxymorons, hyperboles, personification, onomatopoeia and idioms. They have also started a new class book, Skellig, by David Almond.

Fractions has been this week’s focus in maths. The children have been simplifying fractions to their lowest terms and finding fractions of given numbers.

There has been lots of discussion about animals during Form Time this week and we have been introduced to so many pets!

Our attention now turns to next week’s Environmental Awareness Week and Mrs Carn has asked the children to get ready to take part in the RSPB’s Big Schools’ Bird Watch, on Monday. We will also be serving a Meat Free Monday meal in school and the children at home have been asked to take part too. We look forward to finding out how many different meat-free meals are consumed.

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