Bye, Bye Mathematical Pi

It's circle time in Maths for Form 7.

The focus in Maths in Form 7 over recent weeks has been circles. In our investigations we have discovered Pi to a high degree of accuracy, we have sung the song Bye, Bye Mathematical Pi and we have, of course, used it in some calculations. We have also been honing our skills with a set of compasses to draw circles and to make patterns. 

We started by making a series of concentric circles from coloured paper and arranging them to look a bit like an archery target. Then we made complex lilies with multi-coloured petals and 'stained glass' windows with radial symmetry. This week we created what looks like a cheese cake with slices of alternating flavour. These 'cheese cakes' will be sliced up next to prove that area is Pi times radius squared. 

We are planning to make some further designs in the coming weeks including an ellipse, a cardioid pattern and a Celtic knot.

Next week five budding mathematicians take on the challenge of the Primary Maths Finals. In readiness for this, they have all been doing some particularly tricky questions from previous years. We wish them all the best in their final preparations for this event.