Colourful science

Form 7 have been investigating acids and alkalis using an indicator.

What do you get if you cross... a test tube with sodium hydroxide in the bottom, a layer of hydrogen chloride on top and a few drops of universal indicator?

The result is a rather colourful test tube! The indicator shows the alkali in the bottom (purple), the area where the two solutions are neutralising each other (greeny-yellow) in the middle and the acid at the top (red).

In other news this week, the children have been enjoying the English and Humanities project about the Amazon Rainforest. They have been creating their own rainforest scenes using a variety of media, including photography, painting and Minecraft. They have also written Amazon poems, using a variety of writing techniques to capture the sights, sounds and mood of the Amazon.

We have also been enjoying illustrations drawn by a member of the class.

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